Rotary die cutter RD115S

KOLBUS opens up new potential for processing corrugated board

The KOLBUS RD 115S rotary die-cutter with flexographic printing – the next step in packaging solutions

There’s a new cost-competitive alternative on the market for making corrugated board packaging. It comes from German engineering company KOLBUS, based in Rahden in East Westphalia. KOLBUS has a good 10 years’ experience building systems for flexoprint rotary die-cutters for the North American market. The European market launch of the KOLBUS RD 115S opens up new competitive advantages through the benefits of inline processing for the ever-growing packaging market.

An investment in the modular RD 115S will strengthen packaging producers’ ability to grow and adapt fast to changing market needs. The modular machine concept includes from one to eight print units plus a die-cutting module for corrugated board in one highly automated inline system.

RD 115S flexoprint rotary die-cutter

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RD 115S flexoprint rotary die-cutter


  • Corrugated board – packaging industry
  • Production of a wide range of die-cut packaging with high-quality flexographic printing
  • SRP (shelf-ready packaging) through to tertiary packaging
  • Folding boxes, cartons, trays, POS & POP displays for any sectors: food and beverage, furniture components, consumer goods, shipping & e-commerce



  • Modular machine concept, freely expandable, for flexibility and quality in printing + drying + die-cutting
  • Sturdy construction (cast components from KOLBUS) for performance and precision in continuous operation
  • Stretch and shrink function improves the quality of printing and die-cutting
  • Ergonomically optimized machine operation, practical, clear and easy to understand


Development, design and assembly at KOLBUS in Rahden, Germany. KOLBUS has over 120 years’ experience designing and building specialized machines and production lines for industry. From components cast in the in-house foundry to original spare parts, KOLBUS delivers plant and machinery of outstanding quality.

Hycorr in USA with 35 years’ experience (a KOLBUS America company since 2011)

Support with component production, design and development (since 2013) from KOLBUS in Rahden, Germany

Flexoprint rotary die-cutter fully reengineered with state-of-the-art control system and high level of automation

The system is now fully metric and fitted with decentralized servo drive technology.

All KOLBUS machinery complies fully with international safety standards such as the CE norm (Conformité Européene).

Technical data

   Min. Max.

Machine speed

 1,000 sheets/hour

 12,000 sheets/hour

Infeed length

450 mm


1,540 mm (option for 3,080 mm)
Infeed width 600 mm 2,921 mm
Print length   1,500 mm
Print width   2,769 mm
Die-cut length   1,500 mm
Die-cut width   2,790 mm


Mr Markus Dammann

We set a very high priority on direct all-round service and support to ensure that everything goes smoothly with your system – from installation to commissioning and throughout your production operations. KOLBUS delivers this high-calibre support – worldwide, online and on-site – through a network of experienced service technicians and your contact partners in our subsidiaries and sales agencies.

Whatever your requirements, we'll be there for you. Our know-how and enthusiasm are at your service. We have the technical and human resources to develop individual solutions for your most challenging projects. At KOLBUS, customers have a habit of becoming business friends and partners. In our on-going dialogue with the world we've learnt how vital it is to listen to people.

Mr. Markus Dammann

Sales Director

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